Be on the safe side with DPD Rapid EVO tablets

Who at his private pool with DPD No.3 Rapid or DPD No.4 Lovibond Rapid Reagent Tablets testing the chlorine content is on the safe side. Because potassium iodide is used here in significantly reduced quantities. DPD Rapid Tablets are primarily used for pool testers, rapid tests and comparators and for pool checks. The content of combined chlorine plays an important role here. It is tested using the DPD method and DPD reagent tablets to ensure correct dosing. However, DPD reagents are also used in active oxygen tests. They are the guarantor for precise test results in just a few steps and for convenient and safe handling. Simply press the reagent tablets from the blister into the pool water sample and the chlorine content will become visible with the color change. Potassium iodide as a substance with its chemical reaction is essential for measuring combined chlorine. However, the ingredient has recently been classified as harmful. Products with the usual potassium iodide content may no longer be sold online to private users. Potassium iodide is considered toxic for the thyroid even in small amounts of more than 1%. With the Lovibond DPD No.3 Rapid Evo and DPD No. 4 Rapid Evo tablets nobody has to worry. The reagent tablets are well below the quantities that can cause potential health hazards and they can continue to be sold to private users under the new regulations and distribution restrictions – including online. All Lovibond reagents from our own research and development as well as our own production are subject to strict regular quality controls. Effectiveness and measurement results are continuously checked. ,