Minimalist design

The obru swimming pool roofs from the TRENDline series fit elegantly and unobtrusively into any garden. They impress above all with their minimalist design and at the same time are very easy to use. TRENDline is the flattest and, thanks to its angular architecture, the most elegant pool cover in the obru range. It is equipped with a one-sided, very flat guide rail on either the left or right side. The rubberized guide rollers with stainless steel ball bearings guarantee easy and low-noise moving. An infinitely adjustable floor flap in the front wall allows scratch-free moving and ventilation. The robust frame profile ensures high stability, the front wall is equipped with a ventilation flap. The transparent polycarbonate glazing was also provided with a matt effect powder coating with metallic particles. Additional equipment includes a front wall that can be folded up to a maximum of half the roof height and a sliding door on the side in the largest segment for lateral entry into the roof. ,