New drive for pool covers

At the fall trade shows interbad and Piscine Global, Binder presented, among other things, a new drive for pool covers that can be installed quickly and operated with solar power The cover drive’s MecaTec motor is connected to household power by a 24 V plug and can be conveniently operated via remote control or app. Pool cover manufacturers can equip the drive with a photovoltaic module so that it can run on solar power, saving on energy costs. Only little energy is also consumed by the turbine swimming system from Binder, which generates a wide powerful current in the pool. The permanently installed HydroStar version and the EasyStar retrofit version enable enduring swimming even in small pools.

Another highlight is a multicolored LED light ring for the HydroStar turbine swimming system. The round LED is installed directly at the turbine’s discharge opening and controlled by remote control or via the optional Binder24 app. Everyone can put together their own individual lighting concept from more than 6000 RGB mixed colors. The luminous intensity can be individually adjusted via a dimming function. The LED light ring has already received the German Design Award 2022 in the category “Excellent Product Design Lighting”. Also presented was a plastic installation shaft, which will be available from next season. ,