Pumps for public pools and pool controls

Last fall, SPECK Pumpen introduced new pump series for public baths: They belong to the cast iron pump family: BADU Block Binero and Normblock Binero feature a novel thermoplastic corrosion coating based on polyethylene. The coating protects the pump even with a variety of aggressive media. Thus, in addition to permanent corrosion protection, protection against wear and buildup is also ensured. The corrosion resistance also has a positive effect on the efficiency of the pump: Thanks to the smooth surface, a constant and efficient operating condition is ensured in addition to optimum flow conditions. The solid bronze impeller achieves the maximum attainable efficiency. In addition to potential energy savings, this also results in significantly reduced life cycle costs. For this purpose, the BADU Block Binero has a filter housing made of technical high-performance plastic with an acrylic glass cover (for sizes up to 15 kW). Without additional internal coating, it can be used even at high brine concentrations and is also permanently corrosion-resistant during maintenance and cleaning work. Thanks to the filter lid, the degree of contamination in the pre-filter can be seen at a glance from the outside without having to first switch off the pump, empty it and unscrew the lid.

Another plus point is that handling is extremely simple. Thanks to the process design, the motors can be removed without disassembling the pumps. This means that they can also be easily installed in existing buildings and in difficult installation situations without the need to dismantle the pipelines. This allows replacement with old cast iron and bronze pumps. As standard, the pumps are equipped with a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor of class IE 5, which is currently the highest energy efficiency class.

In addition, new smart pool controls were presented with BADU Blue and BADU Blue Pro. The control options include not only water treatment and maintenance, including measurement, control and dosing technology, but also attractions, lighting and other features such as the control of the pool heating and cover. Due to the control system, the swimming pool always runs in energy-efficient operating mode. The use of water care products is also significantly optimized. Pool owners always have an eye on ongoing operating costs such as electricity, heating, etc. Using the inline wizard, which guides you step by step through the respective function blocks, not only installation and commissioning, but also ongoing operation are extremely simple. Of course, the controls can be configured to suit the particular pool system and system technology. Integration into a smart home system is also possible. BADU Blue and BADU Blue Web can be easily controlled via the web using a smartphone, tablet or PC. They also offer the possibility of remote maintenance by the pool builder.

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